Monday, 27 November 2017

Recound Writing

today i did a planning on recount writing 

spitting to survive

these three animals spit for different things lama spits for food and a snake spits for defence .


Today I did inferencing witch is like comprehension witch means it is 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Ten fun facts about Ants

I chose this topic cause alot of people in my my class don't know much about ants this might come in handy for them incase a important person comes to school that knows alot about ants

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Word problems

Today i have answered some qustions for maths they there are some hard ones for exsample slide 1 divide and take away the slide i found the easyst was slide 3

Tonga vs Kiwis

On saturday there was an exciting game these two strong teams unfold and bring out all their skills an awesome run aways. The teams were Tonga and kiwis tonga has never won a game against kiwis could this change tongas point of view in league history. Previously both teams have two wins, So this looked like it was going to be a tie breaker looking at the teams there really equil besides there strategies.
Tonga and the Kiwis walking out of there locker room both teams smiling and some nervous. First they sang the national anthem both teams bursting of adrenaline rush while they did there haka. Both teams ready Tonga was standing strong and Kiwis standing confident. The Kiwis launches the ball into the air the first person to take the ball was Jason taumalolo, he caught the ball and started running at a pase SUDDENLY HE BUMPS! OFF a player and gets tackled,
And there is a penalty from kiwis tonga goes for penalty kick and adds on 2 points to zero (2-0) after that kick it was time for the kiwis to kick the launched it in the air and they catch it Dallin number two dodges people like nothing and SCORES! (Points are (2-4) (27 minutes time) Jordan running running and gets a conner TRIE! (points/ 2-8 )
(2 minutes pass) shawn johnson running and scores. (12 points (2 - 12))

(9 minutes pass) roger running gets tackled in mid air and somehow Tries. Tonga with a trail david running on the sideline tonga kicks it david caches it he turns and curves AND HE TIES!!). David behind tonga bolting it, his team mate back passes and davit boost it to the try line and scores 10 - 16 at the end. Tonga wins by 6 points 28 / 22.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Word problems

Today i did a DLO it is about word problems i have finished it in a day the slide i found the essayist was slide 2 a multiplication problem  the one i found the hardest was slide 5  multiplication problem 59 x 599 the slide i liked the most was slide 3.