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Beginning - this includes your hook. Start your recount with an exciting beginning that captures your audience interest levels
I had a really exciting holiday I went fishing with my family it was really fun. We went to Point England Beach and the Basin. My mum baited the hooks for us then we went to the

basin first. It was not far
from Pont England and we were at the basin.
the basin was huge it was was shaped as a sequel

Ensure your recount covers the orientation: When, Where, Who, What, Why and How

Set your recount out in a clear logical order and in paragraphs

Write in the past tense

Use lots of adjectives - (describing words) personal thoughts and feelings

Language Features such as similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia

Use connectives
I dropped my hook in the water and it went fast into the water.
Then I waited. There was no sound. Then it moved? I pulled it up slowly it was a crab it was a little crab. I put it back in the water and carried on fishing. There was no sound it was quiet and the line was not moving. Then it was

moving hard but I think it ripped but anyway I pulled it up and it was the rip.I went in a different spot where the rip wasn't Dear it was all quiet. I watched my sister do fishing she was a bit good at catching crabs little crabs that are in the water. It was the first time

going fishing. I was happy it was my first time because it was really really fun. I wanted to go to Point England now we went fast because it was nearly lunch time so we went to pont england beach it was close to the basin it was cool at the basin but now we are going to pont england beach. when we got there it was sunny and the tide was in so it was a good day to go fishing. I went to a good spot. It was on the big rock, it was huge it was bigger than me. I started fishing with a net. I went into the water and got my net. I put it in the water then

I waved it around. I pulled it up and it had lots of crabs, even a big crab was in the net. I put my net back in the water and I waved it. I pulled it up and there was lots of crabs in the net I had to go I went home and I had a great time with my family.   
Sums up how you felt about the experience.

I had a really good time in the holidays. I caught lots of crabs and there was some big crabs to. It was My first time fishing so that’s why I was so happy I  In joint going to the beach with my family and going fishing I felt really happy   

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lever poster

this is my poster on levers it has lots of formation on levers it has how much parts are their and what their called it is a good way to explain

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i have 52 smily faces and 4 rang and 12 smily faces in a row  

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xtramaths reflection

I have got 32 right and I have got 9 rang I think I will do biter next time


this is my xtramaths i have got 17 smily faces in a row

Monday, 19 October 2015

rainbows end

October 23t h

Yay! i’m going to rainbows end with my family we are going to be traveling by car. i was happy that we were going to rainbows end we got to rainbows end. my mum paid for the tickets the tickets were expensive they were 50 dollars each so it costed us 350 dollars to go for our whole family that is a lot of money.

my mum still payed for it so we were in rainbows end the first ride I went on was the go carts we had to stand next to a cardboard man and we had to be taller than it. I was tall enough to go on the go carts I went to a go carnt and jumped in it it looked cool. then I started driving the go cart it was really fast. it was hard to turn the go cart but I got a bit better at driving a go cart I was finished the
go cart ride and I came 4th place

I went on a new ride called the pirate ship it was big and there were sets and seatbelts. I went at the back of the pirate ship and I sat down and put my seatbelt on the pirate ship started to move than it moved faster than faster and it started to swing then we went around in a circle then it went faster around in a cercol. it was the end of the ride I was dizzy
I went on a new ride called goldrush I chosed a gold cart and jumped in it it started fast and it ended fast it was like it was reall. there were fake diamonds in it to. I finished the ride fast I went on a different ride called the water log I went in it fast it started to move slowly it was slow nely the whole way but at the end there was a big slide we went splash! I was done it was dinner time we had wendes then we went home.                         

brain stoom on working


this is my pulley poster that i made my self


this is my xtramaths i got 26 smily faces in a row

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this is my xtramaths it I have 12 smiley faces in a row