Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Area and perimeter

today i hve done a presetaion on area and perimeter it is a musering DLO the slide i found diffacult was slide nine because of the stratagey they used was confusing to understant after that i got the hang of it now i can do it alot faster with a new stratergy i used.

catch some flounder OI !!!!!!!

(today we had to go out to the pt england reserve to wach our school team wich are called the flounder team), the first thing we did was had a short assembely aftter we walked to the ptengland reserve and wached them catch some flounder we sang a waiata and said a prer then we wallked back to school.
(what where going to do wtih the flounder) we are going to put them in a containter and grow them so they can breed healthyer fish and help keep our enviorment entertaining to see what we did with the enviorment and how we could help in other places around NZ if you have a chance to speach to one of your techers you sould try and convince this (this might chance the whole of NZ) you could make you local reserve/river alot healthyer than it was in the first place. we worked together with kauri flats school catched 4 and we catched more than 20 flounder. CATCH SOME FLOUNDER OI!!!!!      

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

gravity & solar system facts

i found out some facts from my class and made a prestion about gravity facts there all me and bens facts it was really easy to think of some of the facts like describe what is gravity

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Tongan language week

Last week on Friday September the 5th I did a performance for our school it was tongan language week and we had to share a tongan item on that very day I had to do the haka with people that are tongan or half tongan. After we had to do the sipi tau and the tau valuo. after that we had to go sit at the back behind everyone. After that it was a normal day.    

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Blast from the past

today i did a DLO on blast from the past that means rockets history i think the auothers perpose of this text was to show you the history of rockets

Blast from the past

today i have answeared some qustions about the text that i was reading and this is a dlo on rockets