Wednesday, 27 September 2017

catch some flounder OI !!!!!!!

(today we had to go out to the pt england reserve to wach our school team wich are called the flounder team), the first thing we did was had a short assembely aftter we walked to the ptengland reserve and wached them catch some flounder we sang a waiata and said a prer then we wallked back to school.
(what where going to do wtih the flounder) we are going to put them in a containter and grow them so they can breed healthyer fish and help keep our enviorment entertaining to see what we did with the enviorment and how we could help in other places around NZ if you have a chance to speach to one of your techers you sould try and convince this (this might chance the whole of NZ) you could make you local reserve/river alot healthyer than it was in the first place. we worked together with kauri flats school catched 4 and we catched more than 20 flounder. CATCH SOME FLOUNDER OI!!!!!      

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