Monday, 10 April 2017

personal profile

Personal Profile
Decide whether each item of information below is personal information that you would share online or keep private. Cut and paste to organise items under column A or B

A.Personal Information that you would share online
B.Personal Information that you should keep private
Full name (first and last)
Home address
Email address
Date of birth
How many brothers and sisters you have
Favourite band, sports team, food
Home Phone number, mobile number
The name of your pet
Parents names
Brothers and sisters names
Your first name
Favourite subjects at school
My learning goals
My strengths - what I am good at
Someone I admire
Taani huavi

3 sisters and 2 brothers
Bruno mars westbrooks  sushi



Is to get a good report
today i have replyed to these qustions i had to answear ones that won't give away personl information like favirote band favirote sports team and favirote food 

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