Wednesday, 16 September 2015

My augment by Taani

Body of text
State what you are arguing about
State your opinion
For or Against
I am against killing animals because they have been killing too many animals. The animals are going to be extinct over time.
Reason 1

Supportive details

My first reason is hunters should stop killing
animals because this stops them from breeding and having cubs. Hunters use animal skins for blankets and they use their fur for clothing. Hunters kill the tigers to make medicine and they use their heads for display.
Reason 2

Supportive details

Lots of animals die from hunters. They don’t deserve this. Killing it is not good. Lots of the animals die from being sick, so I think animals should die naturally rather than being shot. I hate hunters killing animals because there's not that many tigers and they're probably going to all be extinct by the time I have children. The people should stop hunting and killing animals. They need to have their guns and arrows taken from them.
Reason 3

Supportive details

Animals fight each other by protecting themselves and their cubs. This is a more natural death rather than a human shooting the animal down with a gun. A tiger might try not to kill the hunter but the hunter would shoot the tiger for doing nothing.

When you kill an animal it is bad. If humans continue to kill animals we will have no animals left. This puts animals at risk of extinction. We need to enjoy looking at the animals and appreciate their beauty. They don’t need to be shot down for displays, for food, medicine or clothing. That's why we shouldn't be killing animals around the world.
This is what i did it is my augment on kill ing animals I made this with a planer 

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