Monday, 7 November 2016


One icey cold night I went for a walk .  the wind gushed passed me following an echo of whipster’s.  suddenly i heard moaning and groaning, it sent a chill up my spine.
bushes and trees shivering as if someone was watching me. I Was planning to run back home but it was too late as creepy Foot steps were
getting closer.

Then i heard something scream. I started to get nervous THEN SUDDENLY SOMETHING GRABS MY NECK AND  BITES IT.   “AHHHH!!!”  ……I escape by grabbing a branch from a nearby tree and smacking whatever this mythical creature was.  
12 :00 pm
I slide down my sleeve as fast as I could to check the time. My watch got jammed by a little piece of bark from the tree near me.  the bark must have broken my gears.  My Neck was in great pain,
i needed to find help. I heard a siren out of nowhere and i thought to myself ‘it could be a siren from an ambulance’, I really hoped that was.

I looked around all i saw was twigs, dirt, and, bushes. I saw a light on the ground like a reflection of the moon, it was a phone it looked like some sort of smart phone. As I was going to
pick the phone up something grabs the smartphone from under the ground i tried to fight back but whatever that thing was it is dangerous. i couldn't believe my eyes about 100 strange things surround me some of them were big, skinny and small.

I was trapped it had to be a miracle if i survived. out of nowhere an army truck destroys some of the zombies. After, the driver in the truck decides to stop and i quickly jump on the back

                                  3:00 AM
There were loads of zombies chasing after us one bye one zombies smacking into trees. “Errrrrk” the truck drifted on the pan american  highway the most biggest and busiest highway on the word. but something was wrong no other cars were in sight except for the cars that

looked rusty and broken. there was burials and a shotgun next to me. I checked if it was jammed from another bullet It was jammed so i had to get something else. But first I had to check who was the driver I peaked through the window and there I saw was a man that was drinking coffee. I was amazed that someone was alive. I said to him “Hello there” “oh hi I saw you were in trouble”

“umm yes thank you for the help” “GET in fast” “why” “no time to explain just get in” I jumped in,closed the door and clipped on my seatbelt. There I saw so much creatures that I could not count how many there were. I rushed to checked my surrounding “YES”

“shhh WE'RE SURROUNDED by things, there are  about I DON’T KNOW SOMETHING I CAN NOT COUNT” “BUT” “No buts” “BUT” “shhhh” he would not listen to me so i just picked the gun up and shot out the window “what are you doing you're wasting all the bullets” I only shot one and

if it was not loaded i would just look like an idiot” “You could've checked the load” “oh thank you again” “oh my gosh why are you with me” “watch out sir” “whhhhat” “you're going to crash” “errrrrk” “thank you for your voice that distracted

me” “ok now we're even” “of course not” “ no more talking and shh”<-(me) “hey that's what i say”<-(him) i was getting annoyed but I said nothing and he keep driving.

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