Monday, 19 October 2015

rainbows end

October 23t h

Yay! i’m going to rainbows end with my family we are going to be traveling by car. i was happy that we were going to rainbows end we got to rainbows end. my mum paid for the tickets the tickets were expensive they were 50 dollars each so it costed us 350 dollars to go for our whole family that is a lot of money.

my mum still payed for it so we were in rainbows end the first ride I went on was the go carts we had to stand next to a cardboard man and we had to be taller than it. I was tall enough to go on the go carts I went to a go carnt and jumped in it it looked cool. then I started driving the go cart it was really fast. it was hard to turn the go cart but I got a bit better at driving a go cart I was finished the
go cart ride and I came 4th place

I went on a new ride called the pirate ship it was big and there were sets and seatbelts. I went at the back of the pirate ship and I sat down and put my seatbelt on the pirate ship started to move than it moved faster than faster and it started to swing then we went around in a circle then it went faster around in a cercol. it was the end of the ride I was dizzy
I went on a new ride called goldrush I chosed a gold cart and jumped in it it started fast and it ended fast it was like it was reall. there were fake diamonds in it to. I finished the ride fast I went on a different ride called the water log I went in it fast it started to move slowly it was slow nely the whole way but at the end there was a big slide we went splash! I was done it was dinner time we had wendes then we went home.                         

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