Thursday, 1 June 2017

My i can test to be improved and inproved

I kan test

yesterday (date 31/5/17) at school in the afternoon half of my maths group did a test the test was more different than last term. Last term our whole maths class did the test on a sheet of paper all of us had a i kan sheet with a tv saying the questions to us this term we changed it a bit. We first got headphones and put them in our chromebook we then got given a ikan test sheet.

Than we went on the test called ikan on the ikan test we had to answer really fast  it shows for 5 seconds and goes to the next one. After the test was finished we waited for the next day./the next day we had to mark our test so we did it ourselves no teachers just ourselves i marked mine and another new thing that we could fix up our own answers.this term i think ive done better at ikan test just because we changed it up a little

I made a story on how ikan test could be inproved and was inproved my test scores for number sequence and order(stage7/8)fraction(stage4.5/8)place value(stage7/8)basic facts(stage5.5/7 )
my old score was probly not as good as these test scores. date (01/06/17)I need to work on my fractions

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