Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Explanation about how a plane flys

How do planes fly ?

There are four forces in flight drag, thrust, lift, and weight. These 4 forces are all part of the plane system. the plane system is a unique and common  factory in flight.

Plane's are really special and unique because they were one of the first things to fly. The first person to create something that actually flies. In 1903 17 December Orville the pilot flew the first man made thing.

Did you know that plane's use thrst for flying but if you knew that do you know how planes fly. Well it is mostly about lift and gravity the gravity is pushing force on the plane and the plane is actually flying around the earth so the plane's are actually going in a cercul that lifts the plane into a equal balance.

If you think a plane can stay still in mid air you are crazy A plane can not just keep still in the air it would rather fall or keep going. But with a hydra or a helicopter it would be still in the air.  

How does a plane balance in the air you ask. Lift pushes the airplane up. The way air moves around the wings gives the airplane lift. The shape of the wings helps with lift to.
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